Testing Laboratory Services

by Hylec | February 19, 2019 1:56 pm

Hylec Controls offers a range of onsite services

Hylec Controls’ lab facilities are located at Auburn. The team boasts experienced applications engineers and their expert servovalve technician.
To reduce the likelihood of failures of expensive and vital equipment, predictive maintenance programmes should be strictly adhered to.



Comprehensive Test and Repair facility
Test machine modernisation
Detailed static and dynamic Test Reports
Australian and New Zealand customers
We lease exchange valves
We service Exchange Valves
Star Servo Valves[2] available for Direct Replacement
Cylinder: (Design, Sales, Test, Repair)
Transducer Sales: (Displacement, Load, Pressure)
Many valve brands repairable
Hylec Controls may be able to service and repair your valve for a fraction of the cost.
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Endnotes: Contact Hylec Controls for a quotation: +61 (02) 9645 4777 or sales@hyleccontrols.com.au
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