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Insulated plastic concrete test sample moulds

Hylec offers insulated plastic concrete test sample moulds that keep the sample warm in winter and cool in summer. This means 24-hour test samples are stronger in the winter and weaker in the summer. In winter, testing does not have to be delayed to allow the sample to reach the required strength and post tensioning .. read more

3-years of testing and development to create an alternative to conventional steel moulds

Hylec supplies plastic moulds for casting concrete test cylinders, as an alternative to conventional steel moulds. An advantage of these moulds is that the lid and mould, being plastic, insulate the sample against the effects of hot and cold weather. In cold weather, tests show that sample strength using plastic moulds is higher by several .. read more

Plastic Moulds for Concrete Test Cylinders

Recent trials have established the benefits of heavy duty plastic moulds for concrete test cylinders. The heavy duty plastic moulds have insulating properties that minimise the effect of heating or cooling of the sample, due to high or low ambient temperatures. This results in more consistent and higher strength readings on one-to-ten day samples and without the need .. read more


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