mining test equipment

Hylec and the Mining Industry

‘Hylec’s relationship with the Mining industry extends over 40 years where we initially used our expertise in instrumentation process and servo control to offer control systems to interface between mechanically operated pieces of equipment and mining companies main, fairly basic, process-controlled computers.   Typical equipment controlled by Hylec included; conveyors, apron feeders, crushers, de-watering systems .. read more

Hydro-static & Burst test machines for plastic pipes & fittings

Fully automatic hydrostatic and burst testing machines are specifically used for time-to-failure-test of plastic pipe under constant internal pressure and for test-of-resistance-to-short-time hydraulic pressure of plastic pipe tubing and fittings. Such machines find use by manufacturers or importers of plastic pipes and fittings and major end-users in the mining industry. Hylec Controls  offers cost-effective hydrostatic and .. read more