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VH3100 Knoop/Vickers Automated Hardness Tester

The Wilson VH3100 Automated Knoop/Vickers Hardness Tester is a revolutionary precision instrument that boasts a powerful load application range of 50 gf – 10 kgf, patent pending safety collision technology and the most advanced optics in the industry. This unique combination allows the Wilson VH3100 to meet virtually any Knoop/Vickers testing requirement. Innovative digital zoom stepping provides the widest magnification range ever provided on a hardness tester and when paired with the long working distance objectives and high accuracy automated stage provide the basis for a truly powerful test system. All components and software are completely designed, manufactured, and integrated by Wilson Hardness.
Key Features include:

Collision Resistant System – preventes indenter or objective damage
Virtual Turret with overview view camera (optional) – with indenter, objectives and overview camera fixed, system complexity is reduced
Increased throughput -increased productivity
Best in class optics – ensures most accurate results

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