Venzo 640 Shock Test System

VENZO 640 shock test system is the tailored instrument for drop tester, shock tester and bump testing machine allows the test engineer to acquire any transient event such as drop test, crash test or shock pulses.


  • Capture transient signals with specified trigger level, slop and position
  • 100Mbps Ethernet port connection
  • Capture Duration: 1ms-10,000ms
  • Pulse Duration: 0.05ms to 5,000ms
  • Maximum sampling rate up to 204.8 kHz
  • Acceleration range up to 100,000gn
  • Standard:¬† MIL-810 or user defined
  • Specified SRS analysis for each pulse as it is captured
  • Independent low-pass or high-pass filter for each channel
  • Auto generation of test report in Word or PDF format

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