Valve Tester: The control unit ValveExpert Checker is used to control and carry out functional tests on servo and proportional valves with integral electronics and operating voltages of ±15V or +24V.

  • Simplifies commissioning and troubleshooting in hydraulic systems with servo and proportional valves.
  • All standard servo- and proportional valves with 6+PE connectors are supported (Selec, MOOG, Parker-Hannifin, Bosch-Rexroth, Eaton, and many others).
  • Additional control for ON/OFF pilot valve.
  • Intuitively simple and comfortable interface.
  • Built in digital multimeters for control and feedback signals.
  • Comfortable bright LED indications.
  • Supports external and internal control modes.
  • Three internal control modes are supported: -10V /+10V, -10mA / +10mA, 4mA / 20mA.
  • Support current (mA) and voltage (V) feedback signals.
  • The service case comprises a test unit as well as an optional power supply unit (+24V, 3A), connecting cables, and adapter cables.
  • Overload and short circuit protections.
  • Compact and robust construction.

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