General Info

Designed for testing compressive strength in Packing and Packaging specifications according to international standards. Designed for larger packages or when higher compressive forces are needed.

Standard Features
* Robust construction
* 3 Load cells for highest accuracy
* Digital Display for load & deflection measurement
* Oscillating (ISO-FEFCO) & Fixed Plate (TAPPI)Precision Ball Screw drive system
* Top fixed and parallel plate  (TAPPI)
* Force reading in N – Kg & Lb
* Deflections reading: mm/in.
* Automatic return to test position
* RS-232 data output
* PC Closed Loop Control
* Includes PC + Monitor+ LYNX software
* Compatible with the widely popular Quality Management software package LYNX Plus and LYNX Pro
* 30kN – 300kN force range
* Platens: 1.25m x 1.25m to 1.85m x 1.85m

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