If a component is subject to instationary loading during operation at high temperatures, the fatigue strength must be known in addition to the creep behavior. It must be determined in suitable tests under operating conditions. Therefore we use dynamic testing machines with suitable temperature control devices, such as the universal testing machine UP100-AK-2DH from FORM + TEST. In addition to the high-temperature furnace, the matching sample holders made of nickel-based alloys and high-temperature extensometer, the testing machine has an alignment device compensating for angular and axial misalignments in order to enable a perfectly standardized test.


    • Material and component tests
    • Research and Development
    • Quality control

Test fields

  • Automotive industry, aerospace, universities

Design Size

  • Static test force:   ± 100 kN
  • dynamic test force:   ± 80 kN
  • andere Größen oder Prüfkräfte auf Anfrage möglich


  • Class 0.5 according to DIN EN ISO 7500-1


  • Standard Samples

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