For carrying out material tests especially for testing tensile strength, adhesive strength and shear strength of walls, bonded wood etc.

This test unit has specially been developed for schooling and training purposes, in order to demonstrate in a simple way to pupils the behaviour of materials, building materials, bonding and such like with regard to the differing strengths and applications.

• The test unit is built so that it can be used very quickly after brief instruction but without any previous experience.
• Up to now the cylinder has been permanently mounted in previous test machines. With this system the cylinder can be put in various positions without any great effort.
• Due to the test cylinder being adjustable as well as the positioning borings in the frame for tool frames etc., despite low cost compared with previous test systems, the Universal Test Unit is extremely suitable for demonstration purposes in schools.

Basic unit:
• machine frame
• test cylinder 160 kN, 160 mm stroke
o with key
o with ring nut
• drive station
o incl. 3 manometers Ø 160 mm, Class 0.6
o measuring ranges 160 / 40 / 5 kN, hand pump with hosepipe and quick-fitting hose union, stop valve for measuring range 40 and 5 kN
• base plate
• intake with knurled screw
• screwed flange
• cylinder intake with intermediate flange
• incl. shatterproof guard at front and on right-hand side

Following tests are available:
• Nail extraction test
• Compression test on cement and mortar prisms
• Bending test on cement and mortar specimens
• Densification test
• Bending test on wood, concrete etc.
• Shear strength test on wood
• Splitting test on wood
• Scaffolding connecting test
• Shear strength test on walls
• Tension test on walls
• Tension test on building steel
• Tension test on wood
• Extraction test on building steel
• Reverse bending test on building steel
• Pin extraction test
• Adhesive test

• Complete unit is built into high-quality work bench
• Electric drive

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