• Most commonly used transducer for concrete, appropriate for underwater 12.7mm(0.5 inch) aggregates appropriate for rock, wood.
  • Options of Receiving’s Transducer Button: enables startup and recording test when using longer connection cables on the field

Underwater Transmitter Ultrasonic Transducer Specifications:

  • Weight: 417g/ 0.92lbs
  • Case Dimensions Diameter- 51mm x Length 64mm (2″ x 2.52″)
  • Housing Stainless Steel Ruggedized
  • Element Piezo electric ceramic
  • Frequency 54 kHz Center
  • Operating Temperature -10 to 40 C
  • Excitation Typically HV 1000volts @ 5uS LV 600volts @ 5uS
  • Other Features Can be used underwater up to 150 feet deep (or 50 meters)

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