The SDT series is special machine used for testing various forms of torsion spring, scrollwork reed and other elastic objects. This is an accurate unit, with the torsion and angle all displayed on the digital display. The torsion sensor deformation and twisting angle has an automatic compensation function.

Product Features:
• 320×240 resolution LCD
• Inbuilt printer: Prints the test curve and provides an analysis report of 10 sets of test data
• Peak hold and auto-release function: Record and hold the peak value in test, the peak hold time can be set (1-10 seconds)
• Automatic power off function: This function saves battery and keeps the gauge safe, also the power off time (1-99minutes) can be set
• Compare function: Initial input of the tolerance limit (Max/Min) enables the device to judge the measured result as Go (Green pilot lamp) / NG (Red pilot lamp)
• Memory function: Stores 10 sets of testing data, and calculate the average;
• Three units conversion: Converts between three units (N.m,, automatically;
• RS-232C output: Connects outside equipment and using the supplied software for transmitting the test data to a computer for relevant treatment.

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