The ST Series Digital Torque Meter is used for testing and measuring numerous kinds of torque. The Meter applies the measured and calibrated torque via motorised or air-driving clamps, torque screwdrivers and torque spanners.

Product Features:
• Peak hold and auto-release function: Record and hold the peak value in test, the peak hold time can be set (1-10 seconds)
• Automatic power off function: This function saves battery and keeps the gauge safe, also the power off time (1-60minutes) can be set
• Compare function: Initial input of the tolerance limit (Max/Min) enables the device to judge the measured result as Go (Green pilot lamp) / NG (Red pilot lamp)
• Memory function: Stores 10 sets of testing data, and calculate the average;
• Three units conversion: Converts between three units (N.m,, automatically;
• RS-232C output: Connects outside equipment and using the supplied software for transmitting the test data to a computer for relevant treatment.

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