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Thermal vacuum test chambers

Thermal Vacuum Test Chambers and Outer Space Simulation Test Systems are applied to simulate the outer space, space, environmental testing for satellite products. The temperature range varies from -180℃ ~+200 ℃,and Max. pressure to 1×10 6Pa.

An artificial sun to simulate the light environment in space, can also be installed.

Main Technology Parameters:
(1) Ultimate vacuum: better than 1×10 ﹣5Pa
(2) Working vacuum:better than 1.3×10 ﹣4Pa
(3) Temperature range: ﹣180℃~200℃
(4) Temperature Accuracy:±0.5℃
(5) Temperature of the heat sink: ≤100K
(6) Uniformity of heat sink temperature: ≤±5℃
(7) Black paint for inner wall of heat sink, Absorption of sunlight by heat sink≥0.95 Hemispheric emittance≥0.90, The outer surface is equipped with radiation shield.
(8) Infrared heating heat flux density 100W/m²~1800W/m²
(9) With vacuum degree and temperature measurement function

TVC Thermal Vacuum Chamber
Container wayHorizontalVertical
Model NoTVC-500TVC-1200TVC-1500TVC-2000TVC-2500TVC-3000
Working Diameter (mm)5001200150020002500~170003000~17000
Working Length (mm)10001500200030005000~320006000~32000
No-load ultimate vacuum / Pa1 x 10 -5Pa1 x 10 -5Pa
Temperature range /℃-190 ℃~3000℃1 x 10 -5Pa
Refrigerating methodLiquid refrigerant, Refrigerating machine, Nitrogen gas temperature, Bath oil temperature
Infrared heating modeInfrared heating array, Infrared heating cage
Irradiation waySolar simulator, Ultraviolet irradiation simulator, Lighting environment simulation system
Power conditionsAC 3Ψ 220V; 3Ψ380V; 3Ψ480V+N+G, 60/50Hz
Customised serviceWelcome to custom size, non-standard, special requirements
The technical information will be subject to change without notice

Important features of the structure
(1) Box structure: one-piece structure, vacuum system. The refrigeration system is placed in the same frame. Cylindrical shell can well meet the requirements of vacuum pressure,It is made of stainless steel AISI304L with a seamless welding process. The outer surface is sandblasted with high quality. Meets aesthetic and long-term use needs.
(2) Door: External sandblasting internal heat sink to meet the needs of uniformity, Equipped with wheel lock and fluororubber o-washer.
(3) Door open way: Mechanical hinges ensure sealing, Specially designed for easy opening.
(4) Heat sink structure: Special riveting and welding techniques weld two stainless steel sheets (AISI 304L) together. There is room inside for temperature regulation of fluid circulation. This technique produces good temperature uniformity, Because the thermoregulation fluid covers the entire surface of heat sink.
(5) Vacuum system: International first-class brand includes a bipolar vane pump with a vacuum of 10-2torr and a helium cryogenic pump with exhaust filters for the pump set.

  • Can be a very good recovery of oil pollution to prevent pollution of the environment.
  • The suction of the pump set is connected to the helium cryogenic pump.
  • Connection to the test box is through the gate valve.
  • A pressure gauge system displays each pressure by analog or digital display.

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