General Info

The DTS Air-to-Air Thermal Shock Chambers are designed to perform tailored environmental stress screening of component and board level electronic assemblies. This system is designed for large components and ideal for manufacturing environments.

DTS chambers consist of three zones: a hot chamber on each end with a cold chamber in the middle. This design allows product to be moved between the zones simultaneously with two product baskets – exposing twice as much product in one system to maximize your investment.

The CSZ thermal shock chamber is equipped with the new CSZ EZT-570i Touch Screen Controller designed to save chamber programming and setup time. Comes standard with data logging, data file access via memory stick or PC, Ethernet control and monitoring, alarm notification via email or phone text message, data file backup system, full system security, online help & voice assistance in multiple languages and more.

Other standard features include RS-232/485 serial communications and Ethernet connectivity offering a selection of communications options as well as CSZ’s EZ-Viewsoftware allowing the user to control and monitor up to 20 chambers from any location.

The DTS-Series Chambers can be specially designed to meet the unique requirements of the following specifications: JESD22-A104-B, MIL-STD 883C, Methods 1010.5 and 1010.7; MIL-STD 202F, Method 107G; and MIL-STD 810D, Method 503.2.

• 453l to 765l capacity
• -75degC to 210degC temperature range