General Info

The T1D Neptune road core drilling trailer is a diesel-powered, self-contained, tow-able, hydraulically-driven, diamond-drilling trailer, especially suitable for taking core samples from asphalt or concrete roads or for installation of flush runway lights.

Low weight to power ratio makes it easily maneuvered and operated by just one person.

Available with a single speed or a two speed hydraulic motor.

Benefits & Features

  • Cores up to Ø 600 mm (24 in)
  • Hydraulic operated rear stabiliser foot (optional hydraulic operated front feets)
  • Wide choice of drill motors both single and two speed for optimal performance
  • 75% reduction on drilling times compared to hand fed machines
  • Unique proportional hydraulic feed mechanism
  • Increases life of diamond core drill bits
  • Big water tank with large diameter filler
  • Big fuel tank for long un-interupted work
  • Trailer category O2. Maximum authorised mass, MAM = 1500 kg (3,300 lb)
  • The Neptune can also be used as a hydraulic power unit for other tools (see video)

For a quotation on the European-manufactured T1D road core drilling trailer, please contact Hylec Controls. Hylec are the exclusive distributors for Australia and New Zealand.

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