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The Crush Tester is used to measure the compressive strength of samples Paper (Liner & Medium) Corrugated Board





  • Ultralight PC (data acquisition and control)
  • LYNX Testing software – basic level
  • Robust construction
  • Easy to use
  • Force range  from 10 to 5000 N  (resolution 0,01% = 0,5N)
  • Selectable units in N – Kg & lb
  • Statistics:  Max – Min – Average & Standard Deviation
  • USB interface and closed loop control from PC
  • Automatic return of the lower plate after every test
  • Overload  protection
  • Compatible with widely popular Quality Test Management LYNX Software System

Desktop equipment for the next generation controlled by the laptop PC and LYNX CRUSH TEST software. The results are shown in real time on the graphical displays within the software. The software allows you to compare data, record results, and find statistical averages of similar tests.

With the ability to function at varying speeds, you can get accurate results during various crush tests, while not wasting time waiting for the machine to return to its initial test position. The maximum speed of the machine is 125 mm/min.

The Crush Tester is used to determine the compression strength in samples of Paper (Liner & Medium) and Corrugated Board CMT – RCT – CCT – ECT – FCT – PAT
“Data in Real Time…”

Applicable standards:

  • ECT test : APPITA/AS 1301.444s, DIN EN ISO 3037, FEFCO 8, ISO 13821, SCAN P33, TAPPI T 811, TAPPI T 823, TAPPI T 838, TAPPI T 839
  • FCT test : APPITA/AS 1301.429s, DIN EN ISO 3035, FEFCO No. 6, SCAN P32, TAPPI T 825
  • RCT test : APPITA/AS 1301.407s, ISO 12192, SCAN P34, TAPPI T 822
  • CMT test : APPITA/AS 1301.434s, ISO 7263, SCAN P27, TAPPI T809
  • CCT test : SCAN P42, TAPPI T 843, UNE ISO 16945
  • PAT test : APPITA/AS 1301.430s, FEFCO No. 11, TAPPI T 821,


  • Electrical: 110V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz single-phase > Sample Crush Tester CDM-5 model 15” PC laptop + Windows OS
  • LYNX Crush Testing Software for CMT, RCT, CCT, ECT, PAT, FCT Tests (All testing software modules are included)


  • Dimensions: 380 x 460 x 750 mm (WxDxH)
  • Box for transport: 450 x 520 x 900 mm (WxDxH)
  • Weight Net/Gross: 65 Kg / 120 Kg


  • Compression platens: 150 x 150 mm
  • Maximum separation between platens: 140 mm
  • Parallelism error between plates < 1/4000mm
  • 1 central spindle drive with lateral guidance of the lower platen
  • Limit switches, adjustable by user
  • Digital encoder to measure the deflection in mm. or inches.
  • Operating motor without brushes which helps prevent periodic maintenance
  • Test speed: between 3 and 125 mm/min
  • Approaching and automatic return speed to the initial test position: 125 mm/min
  • 4 anti-vibration supports that are adjustable for proper levelling of the equipment


  • Test Holders: RCT, CCT, ECT, PAT
  • Double blade cutter: 12.7 mm wide
  • Manual or Pneumatic Strip Punch of 152.4 x 12.7 mm (and others)
  • Pneumatic cutters for ECT (corrugated board samples)


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