Rotating Torquemeters – MCRT 87000V Bearingless Digital Torque Transducers (Torque Flanges)

General Info

Bearingless Digital Torquemeters – 87000V

MCRT 87000V Torque Transducers output shaft torque with 0.01% resolution. Digital, analogue and FM formats are simultaneously available. Industries highest overload and over-range ratings assure safety and accuracy even when the driveline has high peak to average torque ratios. Important features include non-critical installation, temperature data, max/min capture and absence of manual adjustments.

Range, scaling, calibration and null data are stored in rotor non-volatile memory and transferred to the stator during startup. This assures accuracy, without re-calibration, if rotors and stators are replaced or intermixed. Bi-polar, rotor shunt cal can be enabled with stator switches, logic I/O or, via the Com Port. Choose from ten units of measure without re-calibrating. When re-calibrating, earlier calibrations are archived. Eleven selectable Bessel data filters avoid overshoot errors and delay distortion.


  • Best Real World Accuracy of Any Similar Torquemeter, Torque Sensor or Torque Transducer
  • High Overange and Overload
  • World Class Temperature Performance
  • Immunity to External Noise
  • High Stiffness and Low Deflection
  • Bi-Directional Rotor Shunt Calibration
  • Simple, Non-critical Installation
  • ISO 17025 Accredited, NIST Traceable Bidirectional Calibration


  • ANALOG OUTPUT: ±5V with ±15V overrange
  • DIGITAL OUTPUT: Torque and Temperature with units of measure over RS232C/RS422/RS485/USB
  • COMPENSATED RANGE ˚F/˚C: +75 to +175/+24 to +79.4
  • USABLE RANGE ˚F/˚C: -25 to +185/-31 to +85
  • BANDWIDTH (BESSEL RESPONSE FILTERS): 0.1 Hz to 1 kHz in thirteen 1-2-5 steps, plus 3 kHz
  • STORAGE RANGE ˚F/˚C: -65 to +225/-54 to +107
  • ROTOR TO STATOR MAXIMUM MISALIGNMENT (INCHES/MM): MCRT 87008V – Axial: ±0.4/±10.2, Radial: 0.3/±7.6 | MCRT 87009V/86010V – Axial: ±0.2/±5.1, Radial: 0.2/5.1
  • FREQUENCY MODULATED OUTPUT: 10±5/10±20/40±20 kHz; field changeable; TTL square wave
  • POWER SUPPLY: 10 to 26 Vdc @ 6 to 11 Watts nominal


  • Model 703 Instrument – Torque Display Only
  • Model 723 Instrument – Torque and Speed Display

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