General Info

These Compact Digital Torque Transducers have high accuracy, low noise, high overload capacity, high overload, inherent noise tolerance and a wide temperature range. Strain gauge sensing and non-contact signal transfer make them well suited for control, laboratory and production use.

They are offered in two accuracy grades, Code N standard performance and Code C enhanced performance. Installation can be either floating or foot mounted with the integral mounting base.

Null, scaling and units of measure are stored in non-volatile memory. There are no noisy pots or switches. Ten common units of measure are supported without requiring recalibration. Eleven user selectable Bessel filters avoid delay distortion and overshoot errors. Included software interfaces Windows-based PC’s and displays and plots real time data. Use it to select ±5V or ±10V analogue outputs, filters, scaling, units of measure and/or to control measurements.