Rotating Torquemeters – MCRT 48000V Series DC Operated Torque Transducers

by Hylec | July 28, 2011 4:45 am

Non-contact, DC operated torquemeters – 48000V

MCRT 48000V Series DC Operated Torque Transducers are available in capacities from 25 lbf-in to 4,000,000 lbf-in with overload ratings of 2X full scale. Integral signal conditioning provides dual ±5 volt dc outputs proportional to torque. They will operate from a single power supply in the range of 10.5 to 24 volts dc (such as 12 volt batteries).

When installed between a driver and load, the sensor will measure static and dynamic shaft torque and speed (optional). A strain gauged stainless steel shaft measures torque and cancels bending and thrust. Robust, ferrite free rotary transformers connect the gauges to noise immune carrier amplifiers. They don’t generate noise or wear, are immune to magnetic fields, noise, vibration, lubricants and other hostile environments.

They are available in either shaft or flanged style configurations. Shaft end torque transducers are less costly than flanged models and can be either floated or foot mounted. Flanged models are much shorter and can be used when axial space is limited or when the highest shaft stiffness is needed.

All models include as a standard feature Himmelstein’s unique technology for noise hardening the torque transducer from EMI generated by IGBT based adjustable speed drives.




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