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These strain gauge based hp/kW-h meters measure and output shaft power, energy (option), torque and speed in analogue and digital form.  Digital computation of power and energy is errorless. With 2X overload, they are available in ranges from 25 lbf-in to 4,000,000 lbf-in (power ranges from 5.95 to 76,160 hp). Both flange and shaft style configurations are offered.

Null, scaling, and units of measure are stored in non-volatile memory. There are no noisy pots or switches. Fifty-one common units of measure are supported without requiring recalibration. Eleven user selectable Bessel filters avoid delay distortion and overshoot errors. These models incorporate new technology that hardens them to EMI generated by IGBT based adjustable speed drives.

Included software interfaces Windows-based PC’s and displays and plots real time data.  Use it to select 5V or 10V analogue outputs, filters, scaling, units of measure and/or to control measurements.

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