General Info

The RVC400 was created to generate controllable torsional vibration and shock, all in a compact, quiet device suitable for use in a standard office or laboratory setting. Capable of frequency response to 2 kHz, the RVC400 can provide clean rotary sinusoidal and random profiles as well as limited shock pulses on small test objects. Coupled with any commercial single axis controller, quality engineers now have the speed and precision in vibration test and analysis to perform their demanding tests.

The RVC400 is an electrically powered device. The basis of the design is a state-of-the-art torsional voice coil directly driving a flexure bearing supported rotary shaft and table. This arrangement provides a very responsive rotating mechanism with virtually no friction yet retains the ability to react off-axis motions with very little deflection. Utilising rare earth permanent magnets, this rotary drive produces very high torque within a small dimensional envelope.
• Perform swept sine at levels up to 1,000 rad/sec2
• Create shaped random profiles
• Dynamically control shock profiles
• Precision through 2 kHz with less than 5% cross-axis distortion
• Compact
• Quiet
• Suitable for use on your desk top and in environmental chambers

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