Reaction Torquemeters – Series CF2700 NEMA C-Face Hollow Reaction Torquemeters

General Info

Series CF2700V Torque Sensors provide static and dynamic torque feedback from a motor or its’ load.  The device whose torque is being sensed must have a mounting meeting NEMA C-Face standards or a suitable adapter. They are strain gauge based sensors and will measure torque whether the shaft is rotating or stationary. Characterized by high stiffness and very low deflection and they are bidirectional. Since they measure the reaction torque, the torque path should be through the sensor only.

The sensor fits between a C-Face motor and load.  When the load shaft is female; use the optional coupling shaft.  When the load shaft is male; use a conventional double-flex coupling. Nothing else is needed for mechanical installation.

The CF2700V Torquemeter outputs a zero to ±10 volt analogue of torque. It uses a 5-wire connection; signal, signal common, remote cal, +power and power return.  Power input is a single, unregulated, fused and reverse polarity protected dc supply. If needed, Himmelstein’s Series 700 Instruments provide power, engineering unit display, classify torque, capture max/mins, interface a PC and much more.  Specify the Model 703 for a CF2700V.

Product Feature Summary

• Static and dynamic response for motor or load torque
• NIST traceable, NVLAP* accredited, dead weight calibration
• Full bidirectional operation
• No bearings or rotating parts
• Simple, low cost installation
• Robust strain gauge sensor handles overloads of 5 times rated capacity
• Very high stiffness and very low torsional deflection
• 0 to ±10 Volt output
• DC to 1,000 Hertz bandwidth
• NIST* traceable calibration circuitry; remote on CF2700V
• Single, unregulated supply; fused with reverse polarity protection
• No slip rings, brushes, optical paths, or radio transmitters
• Long, maintenance-free life
• Compatible with plc and pc controllers, and data acquisition systems
• Standard models for NEMA 56C thru 286TC motor frames

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