General Info

The InterTech M1045-20y Leak Detector is a low cost, high resolution, pressure change instrument suitable for a medium to large volume parts.

  • The pressure transducer is connected to the test part. When this circuit is filled with air and isolated from the supply, any leak results in a pressure change relative to atmospheric pressure.
  • The transducer output provides a measurement of the pressure change proportional to the leak rate.
    • Programmable Pressure Range: 0 – 150 psig (standard)
    • Transducer repeatability: 0.05% F.S.D.
    • Transducer sensitivity: < 10-5 psi (STD)
    • A/D Conversion: 24 bit, 100 conversions/second
    • Timer increments: 0.01 sec.
    • Low (<1.5 cm3) internal volume

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