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Used for testing the air and water permeability of concrete – at the surface and beneath. Poroscope Plus measures the time it takes for air to flow into a known volume of a sealed, evacuated chamber in the concrete. While the vacuum reduces from -55 Kpa to -50 Kpa, a measure of air permeability is determined.

For water permeability, Poroscope Plus uses the same chamber filled with water, and measures the total time in seconds for a volume of 0.01 ml of water to escape. Surface porosity is determined in like manner using a specially designed surface chamber.
• Both air and water permeability are measured by the same instrument.
• Permeability both at the concrete surface as well as within the concrete mass can be determined.
• Porosity in sealants and surface mortars can be checked.
• The test is non-destructive (only a small plugged hole required) and can be completely carried out on site.
• Each test can be completed in only a few minutes and gives reliable reproducible results.
• The test enables meaningful concrete durability predictions to be made.

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