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Pilodyn Wood Density Meter

PILODYN wood density meter tester, available from Hylec Controls, was developed to determine the density and strength of dead and living wood. Invisible soft rot can be detected rapidly and objectively in an easy non-destructive way and the reduction in strength associated with it can be determined. This can be of vital importance in the case of wooden playground structures, climbing frames and telephone masts.

With PILODYN FBK, the density of the wood is determined on living trees. The damage is so little that the tree suffers no harm and the testing method is regarded as non-destructive.

Testing procedure: The testing procedure is very simple: The tester is loaded with the ramrod and then pressed firmly onto the test surface. The impact pin is shot into the wood by pressing the trigger cover. The depth of penetration can be read straightaway in mm on the scale mounted on the tester.

Typical applications of PILODYN wood density testing meter:

  • Testing the stability of wooden structures on playgrounds, detection of soft rot
  • Testing the strength on wooden telephone masts, detection of soft rot
  • When thinning out: sorting out trees with undesirable density of the wood
  • Early detection of diseases: periodic measurement detects unnatural changes in the wood density
  • Comparison of the location-dependent density to determine the optimal location for the respective tree species
  • Establishing productivity with respect to density for the same tree species and similar location properties for culture purposes
  • Testing and sorting of cut wood into timber classes


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