General Info

Pendulum impact tester

  • For non-instrumented Charpy tests
  • With touch screen and analog display for use with or without PC (RS232 interface)
  • Inc. fully closed protection shield with interlock
  • Inc. motorized pendulum lifting
  • Inc. electro-magnetic pendulum release
  • Inc. angle measurement encoder
  • Inc. Siemens PLC controller
  • Inc. Span block, Specimen centering block, Centering tongs, inside-hexagonal spanner, Anchor bolts and wedge block
  1. The pendulum ensures the accuracy of striking center, the accuracy of pendulum moment, and the accuracy of the test data
  2. Imported high precision ball bearing efficiently reduces energy loses
  3. Simple to operate: easy to change anvil and pendulum
  4. Optional different kinds of pendulum and anvil to meet wide applications
  5. Optional safety shield
  6. Optional digital type and computer type are available
    1. LCD display is easy to read absorbing energy
    2. Control system has the function of power-off protection
    3. Test date can be printed out
    4. High resolution data acquisition
    5. Automatic energy lose amendment according to standards requirements
    6. Controls and electric components are imported, guaranteeing machine stability


  • ISO 179-1993(E)
  • ISO 180-1993(E)

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