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Hylec Controls Oxygen Permeability Tester is based on the equal pressure method, and is professional applicable to the determination of oxygen transmission rate of film and package products, including plastic films, composite films, sheeting, plastic bottles, plastic bags and other packages.


The pre-conditioned specimen is mounted between the upper and lower chambers at ambient atmospheric pressure. One chamber contains oxygen and the other chamber is slowly purged by a stream of nitrogen. Due to the concentration difference between the two chambers, oxygen molecules permeate through the specimen into the nitrogen side and are taken to the coulometric sensor where proportional electrical signals are generated. The oxygen transmission rate is then obtained by analyzing and calculating the signals. For package samples, high purity nitrogen flows inside the package, and oxygen flows outside.


This test instrument conforms to the following standards:
ISO 15105-2, GB/T 19789, ASTM D3985, ASTM F2622, ASTM F1307, ASTM F1927, JIS K7126-2, YBB00082003


Technical Specifications

SpecificationsFilm TestPackage Test (customization available)
Test Range0.01~1000 cm3/m2·d (standard)
0.1~10,000 cm3/m2·d (optional)
0.0001~10 cm3/pkg·d (standard)
Number of Specimens1~3
Resolution0.01 cm3/m2·d0.0001 cm3/pkg·d
Temperature Range15°C~55°C (outside of supply scope)/
Temperature Accuracy±0.1°C/
Humidity Range0%RH, 15%RH~90%RH, 100%RH
(outside of supply scope)
Humidity Accuracy±1%RH
Test GasO2 and air (outside of supply scope)
Test Area50 cm2/
Thickness≤3 mm (customization is available for other thickness)/
Specimen Size108 mm x 108 mm
Test in 100% O2: Specimen should be smaller than Ф120 mm and lower than 360 mm
Test in the Air: No size limitation
Bottles: the inner diameter should be bigger than Ф8 mm, outer diameter should be smaller than Ф42 mm (Standard)
Bags or Boxes: Supported by accessories
Carrier GasHigh purity nitrogen with more than 99.999% concentration
(outside of supply scope)
Gas Supply Pressure≥ 0.28 MPa
Port Size1/8 inch copper tubing
Instrument Dimension670 mm (L) x 410 mm (W) x 310 mm (H)670 mm (L) x 410 mm (W) x 630 mm (H)
Power SupplyAC (85~264)V (47~63)Hz
Net Weight48 kg50 kg

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