Dynamic Testing & Equipment offers a complete line of servo hydraulic and servo electric test equipment, ranging from their in-house repair department to multi-axis test stands.

• DTE’s standard line of fatigue rated linear and rotary servo hydraulic actuators, in both hydrostatic and polymer bearing configurations, features a HVOF tungsten carbide piston rod surface, which outlasts typical chrome plating
• Together, with a complete line of ball joints or swivels, these components can be integrated into a complex test system utilizing the DTE 3500 Series control platform
• DTE has recently introduces the MPulse line of servo electric linear actuators, which is a scalable platform with combined Dynamic and Static loads exceeding 32kN on a single shaft.
• The MPulse series features high velocity operation over 4m/sec, higher frequency response than servo hydraulics, and, together with advanced servo drive controls, offers system efficiencies 10 times better than servo hydraulics.
• With integrated water or air cooling and MTBF at 100,000 hours, the MPulse series can be used for extended durability testing, and operation in displacement, force, velocity, acceleration, or dual control modes is possible.

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