General Info

With the introduction of Mantis, Team Corporation continues to set the standard for high performance 6 Degree of Freedom (6 DoF) test systems.

By offering both standard models and systems tailored to special requirements, Mantis can meet a wide variety of testing needs. Table size, payload capacity, stroke length and a wide range of excitation levels are possible. All bearing surfaces are hydrostatic, eliminating the noise inherent with mechanical bearing designs. The high load carrying capacity and extreme stiffness of hydrostatic bearings make them ideal for reacting loads for extended time periods.

Applying operational vibration loads to vehicle components and sub-assemblies requires the reproduction of road surface irregularities in all 6 Degrees of Freedom (6 DoF). Team Corporation’s Mantis has the proven capability of accurately replicating typical road loads both in full 6 DoF through an extended frequency band of more than 100 Hz. Analysis of recorded road data shows considerable energy is present at these higher frequencies, necessitating a system capable of controlled excitation through a broad bandwidth. Mantis has demonstrated the ability to provide this functionality.

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