Premax creates a powerful and precise large-scale signal analysis platform with Gigabit Ethernet technology, flexibly combined with different types of embedded cards, support of signal input, wave source output and I/O modules, thus you can configure the hardware and software modules in accordance with needed applications. What’s more, facilitating QNX real-time platform and airborne DSP, Premax can achieve real-time analysis and various analysis functions. Multi-Premax chassis can be combined through I/O modules and Gigabit Ethernet to build a large scale measurement system up to 1024 channels, to acquire and transmit data synchronically. As results of reliability and expandability, Premax provides test and measurement, analysis and processing, condition monitoring and vibration test for the customers from aerospace, automotive, civil engineering and mechanical industry.

• Scalability is from 16 to 64 input channels of single chassis. It’s a Large Scale Vibration Control System
• Precision of 110dB dynamic range is based on 24-bit resolution, 32-bit floating DSP computation and well conditioned low noise design.
• Versatility covers a full range of control applications and analysis.
Input Channel up to 64 for single chassis, extendable to 1000 or more
Output Channel 2~16(waveform source)
Analog Filter independent analog anti-alias filter
Digital Filter independent 160dB/Oct digital filter
Max.Input ±36VPEAK without damage
ADC/DAC Resolution 24-bit
Dynamic Range 110dB
Channel Matching 0.5 degree phase, 0.05dB(DC~21 KHz) amplitude
Sampling Frequency up to 192KHz, parallel synchronized data acquisition
Coupling Mode voltage, ICP,TEDS(option)
DSP Computation 32-bit floating point

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