General Info

Hylec Controls’ Measuring Station is designed to measure the dimensions of concrete cube samples for 150mm and 100mm sizes.
The Measuring Station has many features including:
• 3 through-beam edge detecting optical measuring systems
• A separate display unit with 3 digital displays in mm error readings, width and depth, and one for height. There is a 4th digital display showing the mass, as this Station is fitted with a load cell
• An RS232 signal is provided for transmission of ASCII data in mm to a PC via
• MODBUS system.
• Robust, to suit the concrete laboratory environment.

The edge measuring system includes a laser transmitter and CCD receiver, is totally digital and measurement is independent of temperature, surface texture, colour of sample or dirt on lenses. Edge Measurement minimises errors due to craters in the sample surface. This station is supplied with a spacer jig for the 100mm samples. When not in use – the spacer is locked to the top of the station so as not to affect the weight readings of the 150mm cube samples.

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