MaxDrop Drop Tester

by Hylec | November 11, 2011 12:37 pm


The MAXDROP series was designed with international test procedures in mind, plus the convenience you’ve come to expect in a drop tester. Here’s why you can drop with confidence:
– Flatness of drop maintained throughout entire support carriage
– Repeatable and reproducible minimizes test variability
– Fast drive system for high test output

Standard features
• Two models: 300KG (660lbs/300kg) & 600KG (1320lbs/600kg)
• Drop heights: 36″/900mm for model 600KG, 60″/1500mm for model 300KG
• Screw drive lift system
• Massive 4 tine support carriage
• Accelerated drop thrusts carriage ahead of payload
• Meets ISTA, ASTM, and ISO standards
• Remote control panel can be located in convenient location
• Performs flat, edge and corner drops
• International power configurations

Optional features
• Safety fence
• CE compliance
• Enlarged base plate
• Non-standard voltage
• Test Lab Professional data acquisition system

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