General Info

This is a compact instrument designed for the high speed testing of parts ranging in volume from several cubic-centimeters to several liters. InterTech’s patented mass flow test technology results in a cost effective solution to the requirements of high speed testing.

Features include:

  • Touch-screen control panel, dual USB ports, Ethernet connectivity, and embedded Web page.
  • The mass flow transducer is connected to both the reservoir, and the test part.
  • When this circuit is filled with air and isolated from the supply, any leak results in a flow of air from the reservoir to the test part through the transducer.
  • The transducer output provides a direct measurement of leakage.
    • Leak range: 0 – 20 sccm.
    • Pressure range: 2 – 100 psig or 1 – 20 psig.
    • Transducer repeatability: 0.05% F.S.D.
    • Transducer sensitivity: 0.05% F.S.D.
    • A/D Conversion: 14 bit, 1,000 samples/sec.
    • Timer increments: 0.01 sec.
    • NIST traceable calibration to less than 5% R&R.
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