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Equipment developed for measurement of mechanical strength of the adherence of adhesive.

The M053 Pull off and Bond Strength Test Equipment developed for measurement of mechanical strength of the adherence of adhesive.

This instrument is used for the measurement of tensile strength of adhesives, mortar and epoxy pastes.

The apparatus consists of an alloy body. The miniature load cell provides highly accurate measurement results. The tests are carried out via a digital indicator microprocessor with the indicator UDI24PRO Digital 24-bit microprocessor with colour LCD TOUCHSCREEN with 240 x 128 pixels.

  • Set specimen type with automatic calculation sample area
  • Setting the desired load rate (N/s; Mpa/s; mm/min) and relative tolerance +/-%
  • Possibility to create various test methods
  • Automatic calculation of maximum force (kN) and Strength (Mpa)
  • Automatic return at the end of each test 3-5 seconds
  • Automatic saving of results in internal memory, at the end of each test


  • Control Software, data acquisition and remote management. The program allows you to manage the test procedure via a PC showing the real-time test curve of load vs time
  • The software also allows the saving of test data, and exporting XY values in .xml format


This application is used to download the results stored in the indicator, as it does not use the remote control with your PC and EASYTEST. The data downloaded to your PC is stored in a text file

Full supply of:

  • Load cell 15.000 kN (3372 lbf)
  • N° 1 fixing device (your choice when ordering)
  • N° 1 fixing pin (your choice when ordering)
  • N° 1 Flat template holder
  • N° 1 USB cable
  • N° 2 brass rods
  • Software LBG EASY TEST
  • Software LBG TERMINAL
  • Instruction manual
  • Calibration Certificate

CAPACITY 15 kN (3372 lbf) | EN 1348, EN 1015-1012, EN 1542, EN 12399, EN 12618-2, EN 13279-2, EN 13687-1, BS 1881: 207, ISO 4624, NF P34601, NF P18-858

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