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The Digiforce is an instrument that enables the measurement of tension in wire, strand, cable and rod without contact. It operates on the principle that when a tensioned member anchored between two points is struck it vibrates at a frequency related to its tensile stress. The Digiforce detects the frequency of vibration when held in close proximity to the member and computes
it into a force value on the digital display.

• This is a non-contact instrument and needs only to be held close to the strand or wire to take a measurement.
• The Digiforce is a hand-held, battery powered instrument, which displays the tension in a pre-stressed strand or wire.
• The Digiforce has been developed specifically for pretensioned precast concrete fabricators and is unique in its simplicity and ease of use.
• The integrated data logging facility enables the collected test results to be downloaded to a host PC when convenient.