Axle test rigs are used for durability testing of passenger car axles as well as light and heavy truck axles. Test rigs accurately reproduce the loads measured by a wheel force transducer during a ride on the test track:

  • 12 Channel 6 DOF axle test rig for heavy passenger cars and SUV
  • Two-axis component test rig for durability testing of axle rubber bushings
  • Servopneumatic test rig for durability and functionaltesting of gas, brake and clutch pedal
  • 4 Poster testing systems in many variations for small and light passenger cars up to truck, trailer and agriculture vehicles
  • Tire coupled road simulator with additional axial and lateral forces for heavy vehicles like trucks or agricultural vehicles


  • Multi-axial testing machines with cross coupling compensation
  • Four or six degree of freedom testing systems for half-axles
  • Dummy rim with hydrostatic bearings
  • Testing machines for passenger cars and trucks

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