LBG M028E Electronic Automatic Penetrometer

by Hylec | June 3, 2015 2:23 pm

The LBG single needle automatic penetrometer measures and records the gradual increase of the consistency of cement or other similar materials.

The acquisition and management system is managed by a microprocessor with LCD display showing the load reading in real time, as well as the initial and final setting time.

Up to 8 penetrometers can be connected via Ethernet. If only one unit is used, connection to a PC can be made via an RS232 port.

The hardening of the sample is automatically measured and recorded in real time. Results of the characteristic behaviour of each sample are shown graphically to represent the increase of consistency versus time. At the end of the test, the instrument stops automatically, with no input required by the operator.

The supply includes:


Maximum force, load cell resolution:                   5kg, 0.002kg

Speed of needle penetration into sample          3mm/hour

Maximum test time                                                 12 hours

Dimensions: Width x Depth x Height                  320 x 180 x 430 mm

Weight                                                                       11 kg

Power Supply                                                           240V 1ph 50Hz 100VA

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