Laser Speckle Extensometer 2C

by Hylec | July 27, 2011 10:38 am

Laser speckle extensometer 2C
The laser speckle extensometer 2C uses 2 automatically adjustable cameras to provide non-contact measurement on a wide range of materials – eliminating the need for gauge mark application.

The result is a wide range of applications, including tensile and compression tests on metals and plastics, together with tests on components. It is also ideal for tests on specimens with which contact is undesirable or not possible due to specimen properties or conditions and for deformation measurements on specimens which might damage a contact measurement system by whipping at break.
The laser speckle extensometer 2C also copes easily with tests over a wide temperature range (from low to high temperature) and applications requiring biaxial deformation measurements.
• high-precision instrument
• fulfils the requirements of Class 1 to ISO 9513 (Class B2, ASTM E83)
no contact with the specimen; measurement is not influenced by the laser light
• no specimen markings are required, saving time, especially with high specimen throughput, and facilitating use in temperature chambers and automated systems (no manual specimen preparation required)
• resolution of 0.15 μm (depending on field of view)
• in contrast to contact extensometers or pure video solutions, the laser speckle extensometer 2C can also provide high-accuracy strain measurement on short specimens with gage lengths from 1.5 mm
• the laser speckle extensometer 2C can also record transverse strains without additional markings; biaxial measurement is also possible
• expansion option to a hybrid laser extensometer/video extensometer system; addition of a third camera for transverse strain measurement allows (for example) r & n-values to ISO 10113 and ISO 10275 to be determined

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