General Info

The T-Series Production Chilling Chambers are the preferred choice of heat treating companies for chilling steel to -84°C (-120°F) for transforming retained austenite to martensite. This relieves internal stress, stabilizes dimensions, and increases hardness and durability of the steel part.

Use the T-Series for age-hardening, stress relieving, expansion assembly, cold temperature storage, and other heavy duty industrial cooling applications.

Features & Benefits
* Heavy duty, built-to-last construction for long life. (CSZ has fully operational freezers in the field that are 30+ years old.)
* Freezer construction and refrigeration systems hold up in harsh heat treat environments
* Trouble Free operation saves maintenance costs
* High Volume Air Circulation provides uniform cooling
* Thick foam insulation for continuous operation and reduced operating costs
* NEMA-12 enclosures and oil tight switches extends life of electronics refrigeration
* Gas spring or pneumatic easy-to-open lids
* Fast and efficient cooling with zero ozone depletion refrigerants

Custom capabilities include:
* Explosion Proof
* Liquid Nitrogen Cooled
* Convertible to Liquid bath

• Available with low freezing point heat transfer fluid
• Used for heat shrinking & accelerated ageing
• Top and side loading