Our IGBT battery testing series is especially designed for huge battery packs: EV battery packs, stationary storage battery packs, etc. Neware IGBT battery tester could be customized both in voltage and current output ranges.

3-phase AC 208V/380V/415V 4 lines(L1, L2, L3, E), Neware IGBT is adaptable  world-widely. And it’s born with back-to-grid technology.

Parallel mode supported, you can combine 2 channels to double the current output. Neware IGBT supports the popular BMS systems in the market. By working with aux channels, it can integrate the BMS data with testing data.





  • Cost effective and super high output battery testing
  • Energy saving – back-to-grid technology for less heat and more energy savings
  • Easy maintenance – easier to assemble and maintain
  • From 10kw to 300kw – from 60V200A to 900V600A

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