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The ICAR Plus is the only advanced portable rheometer for  measuring fundamental flow properties of fresh concrete.

The Carrousel Vane:

To provide increased support for the use of concrete rheology in the industry, Germann Instruments is pleased to introduce the Carrousel Vane for the ICAR Plus Rheometer.

The Carrousel Vane complements the original four-blade vane by generating a more uniform flow velocity profile on materials such as high flow, self-compacting concrete, flowable grouts, and 3D printable mortars. This translates into more accurate and stable measurements in your Flow Curve tests.

By combining the use of the original 4-balde and new Carrousel vanes, you get the best of your ICAR Plus rheometer.


ICAR Plus Rheometer is a rugged, portable instrument for measuring fundamental flow (rheological) properties of fresh concrete.

The traditional methods of measuring slump or slump flow are not capable of characterizing the fundamental rheological properties of concrete that exist during the processes of mixing, transporting, and placement. As a result, the true performance of innovative concrete mixtures cannot be measured with these traditional slump-based methods.

The ICAR Plus Rheometer is designed to characterize the static yield stress, the dynamic yield stress and plastic viscosity of the concrete.

Main applications:

  • Research and development to characterize the influence of new materials on concrete rheology.
  • Optimizing mixture proportions so that the resulting concrete flows readily but is resistant to segregation (especially important for self-consolidating concrete and pumping applications).
  • On-site quality control.

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