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The Team Hydrostatic Spherical Coupling transmit s tensile and compressive forces while allowing angular misalignment.

The Spherical Coupling finds applications in multi axis vibration, structural fatigue testing, and any situation where angular movement is required. They connect the vibration system (Hydraulic or Electrodynamic) to the table/test article, protecting the vibration system from damage due to misalignment or angular motion of the table/test article.

Single and Double pivot couplings are available, and with 0.5 degree and 6 degree configurations. The double pivot couplings allow for angular and lateral misalignment. The spherical surfaces are hydrostatically lubricated for extremely high stiffness, no backlash, and infinite life. These couplings have excellent transmissibility to above 2000 Hz.

• Direct Load Path
• Eliminates Backlash
• Eliminates Friction
• Easy to Install
• Offers flexibility on Installation
• Low Maintenance, Long Life Product

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