General Info

The Team HydraBall provides a zero backlash, zero friction, direct load path coupling. A low noise, cost effective replacement to conventional rod ends.

The HydraBall is a hydrostatic bearing, oil supported ball joint with non-contacting surfaces. Using the HydraBall instead of rod ends saves time as no greasing or adjustment is required as well as improving your tests.

With HydraBall there is no pin in shear or bending and offers a very stiff connection in a smaller package. Oil flow can be tapped off your existing oil supply, the unit requires a small 0.2 gpm of oil at 3000 psi and there are no high-pressure seals to wear out and cause friction and invalidate the test.
• Direct Load Path
• Eliminates Backlash
• Eliminates Friction
• Easy to Install
• Offers flexibility on Installation
• Low Maintenance, Long Life Product

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