Rubber hardness tester: our HPEII Pusey & Jones hardness tester is for rubber or rubber-like materials, mainly on rubber rollers in the paper industry, as well as on test specimens with a flat surface from a material thickness of 13 mm.

The electronic dial gauge shows the penetration depth directly in 0.00 mm units and is equipped with a zero setting option. This has the advantage that the display of the dial gauge can be set to zero by pressing a button as soon as the indenter with measuring rod is raised by approx. 3 mm by lowering the measuring device body.

With a vertical spindle integrated on the back of the device, the dial gauge can be moved up and down sensitively. The prescribed total force of 9.8 N is applied by lowering the side loading lever. The measurement result is read off after a test time of 60 seconds.

Rubber hardness tester norms

ISO 7267-3, ASTM D 531

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