HPE II – Hardness tester manual, digital

by Hylec | November 15, 2013 2:07 pm

Constant contact pressure and measuring time acc. to standards – optical and acoustic signal, serial interface and PC-cable

The chassis of HPE II is made of aluminum which is light weight and durable.

Bareiss HPE II Series is available in different Shore scales and with the possibility of an additional standing piece, making measuring on curved surfaces just as easy.

The battery lasts about 2000 working hours.

The measured data storage allows storage of 300 results.

After the measurement is done, the result will be saved automatically. The display will show “M” for memory. The saved data can be transferred with a data output RS 232 to a PC.

Source URL: https://www.hyleccontrols.com.au/product/hpe-ii-hardness-tester-manual-digital/