HDT/VICAT Softening Point Apparatus

by Hylec | January 12, 2012 4:07 am

For maximum testing capability look no further than the Ray-Ran Advanced HDT/Vicat Softening Point Apparatus. Built for multiple simultaneous testing of 6 samples to HDT or Vicat testing methods the apparatus uses dedicated microprocessor technology to accurately determine the deflection and softening point characteristics.

The heat resistance of plastics in many ranges of application is measured via the HDT heat deflection temperature.

Vicat softening temperature is the determination of the softening point for materials that have no definite melting point, such as plastics.

On start up the advanced on board microprocessor starts work immediately by conducting a self diagnostic procedure to ensure test result accuracy and reliability. The built in liquid crystal display (LCD) provides simple on screen instructions and test parameters are easily selected using the onboard membrane keypad. A simple data selection process using yes/no prompts make the setup and operating procedure very simple to undertake and reduces user error and operator training. The microprocessor’s temperature control function ensures the ramping rates of either 50°C/h or 120°C/h are kept within the specified test standard requirements as well as performing non standard ramp rates to customers own specific needs.

Each test station is fitted with a PT100 platinum resistance thermometer which accurately records the temperature next to the sample under test to 0.1°C and an electronic displacement transducer which measures the sample displacement to 0.01 mm as standard or to 0.001 mm as an option.

The integrated power raise and lower function of the test stations ensures safe easy access to the test sample supports for sample loading and retrieval before and after each test. For maximum temperature stability across each of the test stations the apparatus is fitted with a dual pump oil stirrer system. Test temperatures of 300°C are easily achieved and to ensure optimum safety at higher temperatures the Nitrogen Blanket option is recommended.

Available in 2, 4 and 6 Station Systems featuring:

Technical Specification

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