General Info

NDT James Instruments ‘Gecor 8™’ Advanced rebar represents the latest technology in steel reinforcing bar corrosion rate determination. It combines state of the art embedded microprocessor systems and computerized flash technology with the world’s leading research in reinforcing bar corrosion rate analysis.

The Gecor 8™ features:
• A method for rapidly mapping a structure’s corrosion rate. An advanced modulation confinement technique for precise corrosion rate analysis.
• A new corrosion rate analysis technique for use in very wet or submerged structures.
• New methodology for measurement of cathodic protection efficiency and more

The rapid mapping technique of the Gecor 8 allows the engineer to quickly classify areas of a structure while the unit’s built-in program can graphically analyze this data and produce contour maps of suspected areas. And, the advanced modulation confinement technique accurately measures the true polarisation resistance of the steel reinforcing bar.

Features & Benefits

  • “…giving the corrosion rate most closely matching the true values.” (from the US Strategic Highway Research Program.)
  • Rapid mapping capabilities for analysis of large structures.
  • Advanced method for more accurate corrosion rate determination.
  • New sensor design for analysis of wet or submerged structures.
  • New method for analysis of cathodic protection systems while the system is running.
  • Personal computer software for data analysis and report generation.
  • Graphical user friendly interface to facilitate measurements.
  • Repair Cost estimation


    • Corrosion Rate Analysis
    • Structural Service Life Analysis
    • Repair Cost estimation

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