General Info

For the bending tensile strength test according to standards on:
* concrete joists
* concrete
* concrete kerb stones
* concrete paving stones
* natural stone paving stones
* natural stone
* natural stone kerb stones

Test machine frame with very sturdy 3-column C-frame model. The double-action test cylinder is installed at the top of the machine frame.
The load is measured via an electronic load cell which is is insensitive to lateral force; it is mounted at the top in the direct line of force.

* EN ISO 7500-1
* Quality Class 1

* 60 kN
* 100 kN
* 150 kN
* 200 kN
* 300 kN

Drive and Control
* via the drive station AS-C20 N servo-hydraulic, automatic control
* via the drive station AS-M10 semi-automatic, manual control.

Options and Accessories
* inset for 4-point loading, EN 12390-5
* inset for kerb stone test, EN 1340
* inset for Brasilian test on paving stones, EN 1338
* set of presssure plates with floating axle for drilling cores, EN 12504-1
* bending measuring equipment for measuring deflection
* special equipment for steel-fibre concrete

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