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The Ray-Ran Advanced Falling Dart Impact Tester has been designed to determine the impact resistance of plastic films, papers and composite sheets by use of a free falling dart. This instrument complies with the ASTM D1709 Method A & B and ISO 7765.

The sample is clamped in position, and a dart of known weight is allowed to fall from a either 660mm or 1500mm and hit the sample. The energy required to break the samples is expressed in terms of the weight (mass) of the dart which would result in the failure of 50% of test pieces taken from the sample under test. The test methods are designed to enable the operator to achieve the result by extrapolation from the figures obtained by testing at a number of different drop weights, on a significant number of test specimens. The determination of the result is obtained using the staircase method. The dart weight is decreased or increased by uniform increments after each test, depending on the result (failure or no failure) in the specimen.

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