General Info

The EDC580V was developed for controlling static as well as dynamic testing instruments. Just as the EDC222V, the EDC580V has its own casing box and therefore is available with keyboard and diplay. Eight general purpose I4-Bus-Extension-Slots are “on-board”. This unit is for use with electromechanical machines

The EDC580V fits for:
• DC-servo motors with a capacity of 12, 160 or 320Watt, for this purpose there are EDC-internal amplifiers available. For DC-servo motors with 1,100 or 2,500Watt there are external power amplifiers.
• Screw driven testing instruments with AC-power amplifier. These are controlled either via a digital ±10-Volt-output or via a control output with digital Interface. All signals necessary for the control of an external power amplifier are provided by the EDC.
• Hydraulic instruments which are controlled via a valve drive with ±10-Volt.
• Hydraulic instruments, which are controlled with a servo valve.
• Slow dynamic testing instruments, which are controlled either hydraulically/pneumatically via a servo valve or via linear motor.
• the connection of further load cells with DMS or LVDTs, strain transducers (single-channel or multi-channel), 2-channel-incremental-extensometers, safety shields, further I/Os, synchronising several EDCs in a multi-channel application. For these nearly unlimited applications further options are needed!

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